We help you frame your residential or commercial space with our premium framing and plastering services. Our expert painters will frame all your projects of all sizes and shapes.

Fixing Walls & Ceilings

Ceilings and wall repairs can range from the very minor to the very severe and everything in between. We ensure that all the holes and dents in your walls are fixed and repaired.


From plastering ceilings and walls to new builds and extensions, we can do it all. We have helped hundreds of clients in and around Brisbane with our efficient, reliable, cost-effective plastering and setting services.


Do you know if sanding of walls is not as smooth as it should be, the plaster will come off in no time? We assure you that our sanding service cover interior angels, joints, nick, scratches, and any imperfections.


When it comes to accuracy and precision, our cornicing service protects the walls and roofs and gives them a beautiful, smooth, and aesthetic look.

Pre Painting

Our pre-painting services include priming the wall, preventing moisture from reaching the surface, and sealing the surface to prevent topcoats from absorbing into the surface.

Wall Restorations

We are your one-stop solution for your wall restoration needs. Whether you need fire damage restorations or vandalism restoration services, we have got you covered.


When it comes to renovating your daydream home or office, choosing the right plastering and painting service providers is one of the most important decisions you make. We offer customized renovation services and ensure that things go exactly the way you like.